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We saved most of the cats with our own hands and fought for their lives, and we want good families for them.

On our pages, see what we do and how we do it, and the wonderful animals we give up for adoption. Donate or voluntarily join The Association.

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About us

About The Association

Among the inhabitants of the City of Rovinj we count many four-legged friends. In addition to pets, mostly dogs and cats, in the city parks you will easily meet other wild animals (birds, rodents, wild boars, foxes…), as well as free-living cats.

Out of love for animals and the desire to improve the quality of coexistence of our citizens, visitors (tourists) in harmony with animals and nature, we founded The Association of Rovinj Muzzles.

“Catch – Neuter – Return”

The association is made up of volunteers who help abandoned and street animals with their selfless work. At the level of the City, we lead the action “Catch – sterilize – return” which aims to reduce the number of abandoned and street cats, which also prevents the uncontrolled reproduction of cats, and prevents unnecessary suffering , diseases and infections among the cat population.


Animals ready for adoption

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What we do

We save animals

We take care of them

We castrate and sterilize

We find them a home

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Fill out the membership application form by clicking on the link below.

Download, fill out and send to email or bring to us in person 😊


Animals that we happily adopted



Pepa Female 5 months old, comes to her new home clean, socialized, vaccinated and...



Maza The young kitten is looking for a home where it comes vaccinated, dewormed, and...



Irina Age: 2 months Vaccinated, socialized, dewormed ADOPTED  


Mojca She is looking for a home away from the street where she was found, she comes to...



Born: May 2022.Found in the garbage in BaleVACCINATEDDEHELMINTIZEDSOCIALIZED

Donation saves life

By donating to The Association, you facilitate the work of our volunteers and the lives of abandoned animals. When we pick up a pet that has been abandoned, we send it for the necessary treatment, castration, grooming and resocialization so that it can be rehomed.

Adopt a pet

Adopting a pet is a wonderful moment that shows that it is good in the world. Today, we are struggling with an increasing number of stray dogs and abandoned cats that have no one. We clean them and revive them, and you just keep going, we can all do it 🙂

Send us an email with a question or a message and expect our quick response 😊