We rescue animals and find them a home

Among the inhabitants of the City of Rovin , we count many four-legged friends. In addition to pets, mostly dogs and cats, in the city greenery you will easily meet other wild animals (birds, rodents, wild pigs, foxes…), as well as free-living cats.

Out of love for animals and the desire to improve the quality of coexistence of our citizen’s visitors (tourists) in harmony with animals and nature, we founded the Association of Rovinj Muzzles.

“Catch – Neuter – Return”

The society is made up of volunteers who help abandoned and street animals with their selfless work. At the City level, we are implementing the “Catch – Sterilize – Return” campaign, which aims to reduce the number of abandoned and street cats, which also prevents the uncontrolled reproduction of cats and prevents unnecessary suffering, diseases and infections among the cat population.

All cats are treated by a veterinarian and returned to their original feeding grounds. The costs of the action are financed by the City of Rovinj – Rovigno for which we are grateful.

Daily food, houses, and medicines for abandoned and street animals are financed by The Association’s volunteers themselves.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

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Save a life

Adopt a cat

We rescue and adopt

We saved most of the cats with our own hands and fought for their lives, and we want good families for them.

As an association, we mediate the adoption of cats, and in doing so, we ask that you fulfill several conditions in order to make sure that they are adopted by the quality and caring people.

Each of our volunteers becomes emotionally connected to their ward and it is important to them that the cat is cared for as it deserves.

In case of adoption - The Association provides
  • Only healthy cats
  • Vaccinated against infectious diseases (according to age)
  • Cleaned of internal and external parasites
  • Learned house rules
  • Properly socialized cats
  • Sexually mature cats are adopted castrated

Not castrated cats – adopters undertake to castrate the adopted cat when it reaches sexual maturity, before mating

Adoption of a kitten

First of all, think carefully if you are ready and able to adopt a cat. A living being that thinks and feels comes to your home and it is not a stuffed toy that you will throw away or replace after a while.

As a foster parent, you undertake to keep pets in safe conditions, to feed them adequately, and to run a veterinary clinic if necessary.

To successfully acclimate the cat to your and it’s new home, give them time to adapt to the new environment and to you (up to two weeks).

Enrich your family

Cats for adoption



Po female 08/2023 castrated, dewormed, vaccined



  male 08/2023 castrated, dewormed, vaccined  



Pixi male 08/2023 castrated, dewormed, vaccined  

Save a life

Adopt a dog

Happy home for a pet

Adopting a dog is a wonderful event in your life and the life of the pet, most of them have had a difficult life or are currently having a difficult time due to leaving the owner they loved.

Accept a new member of the family and make your pet happy, we are sure that they will know how to return it 😄.

Unlike cats, dogs rely more on their owner and adopter, so before adopting, think about whether you have enough free time to fulfill the dog’s social and physical needs.

When adopting - The Association provides
  • Castrated dog
  • A vaccinated dog
  • Cleaned of internal and external parasites
  • A socialized dog
Caring for the dog

Unfortunately, many of the dogs we give up for adoption have a sad past, and such dogs can have certain difficulties.

In such cases, the dog may have health or behavior problems.

Caring for such a (healthy) dog includes its insurance, veterinary treatment, and regular food purchases.

Don’t forget, apart from being your pet, a dog is also a lifelong commitment, it has no one but you.

Enrich your family

Dogs for adoption

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Pets that have found a happy home



Pepa Female 5 months old, comes to her new home clean, socialized, vaccinated and...



Maza The young kitten is looking for a home where it comes vaccinated, dewormed, and...



Irina Age: 2 months Vaccinated, socialized, dewormed ADOPTED  


Mojca She is looking for a home away from the street where she was found, she comes to...



Born: May 2022.Found in the garbage in BaleVACCINATEDDEHELMINTIZEDSOCIALIZED

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