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01. Adopt a pet

Adopting a pet is a wonderful moment that shows that it is good in the world. Today, we are struggling with an increasing number of stray dogs and abandoned cats that have no one. We clean them and revive them, and you just keep going, we can all do it.

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02. Volunteer with us


A little sign of attention will go a long way

03. Donate to The Association

By donating to The Association, you facilitate the work of our volunteers and the lives of abandoned animals. When we pick up an abandoned pet, we send it for the necessary treatment, castration, grooming, and resocialization so that it can be rehomed. The donation can be in the form of money, food or medicine for our animals.

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04. Expand the word

Follow us on Facebook and share The Association with your friends. The more people know and recognize the work of The Association, the easier it will be for us to adopt unfortunate animals.

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